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How To Improve Your Cello Skills?

Today more and more people are learning to play cello. This is an interesting instrument but one needs to have complete knowledge about the instrument before playing it. It is often said that the practice makes the man perfect. But in case you know wrong techniques of […]

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How To Choose A Cello School

Choosing a cello school or program for learning cello can be a difficult and time-consuming choice. At first you will need to make many decisions: whether you wish to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate; study on a full-time or part-time basis. Once you have decided on […]

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Cello Lessons For Kids

The cello is both fascinating and intimidating.  It’s bigger than a violin and the sound it produces is lower.  For children however, their fascination with any musical instrument begins with sight.  I remember years ago when as a child I saw a concert where a cello solo […]

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How To Select A Cello Teacher

The cello is one of the harder instruments to master.  Just like the violin, the cello does not have frets and so mastery will depend on accurate ear training and finger placements.  Just like any other instrument, mastery of the cello will also depend not only on […]

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How To Buy A Cello

Buying a cello need not be a complicated chore.  But before you head out the nearest music store and buy one, there are some things to consider before your purchase.   Buying a cello is just like buying a violin.  Both instruments are from the same family, only […]

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