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Looking for a cello? You have found the right place.

We have found high quality cello which provides the best value. Our vendor has searched high and low to find the best value cello.

Elite Cello (Market Rate: S$980, only S$650 here)

The tone of the Elite cello is very complex – rich and deep lower register with clarity and brilliance in the upper register.

It is suitable for the pre-professional player or for one who wishes never to have to upgrade, as the quality of the work is equal to that of many of the most popular contemporary instrument makers.


  1. Cello
  2. Bow
  3. Rosin
  4. Hardcase
  5. Stopper
  6. Foldable Music Stand with Bag

Different range of cellos available too.

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  • Elite Cello
    Elite Cello (Market Rate: S$980, only S$650 here) The tone of the Elite...

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